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Thanks for Making the Community Open House a Success!

Over 400 guests showed up for BCOM’s Community Open House in October. Attendees ranged from families with young children already interested in pursuing a career in medicine to students from UTEP’s pre-medicine program to senior citizens excited to see how BCOM is impacting the community. Perceptions were overwhelmingly positive. Guests were impressed with the overall design of the building, the school’s mission and methodology, and especially the technologically advanced teaching methods. A big thank you to all the students, faculty, and staff members who took time away from their busy schedules and families to provide information and tours.

Jessica Jacob
Alex Lam
Alex Moon
Hannah Niehaus
Travis Octavio
Mahrin Rahman
Royce Sumayo

Alex Arana
Shaminder Dhillon
Dr. Miriam Donohue
Dr. Jennifer Eastwood
Sam Gutierrez
Jeff Harris
Dr. Oliver Hayes
Dr. Bob Ketchum
Linda Kutinac
Norice Lee
Ben Matkin
Justin McHorse
Brett Newcomer
Erin Palazzolo
Karen Provencio
Dr. Joanne Ray
Jessica Salopek
Christa Vaudry
Dr. Michael Woods
Dr. Michael Zawada