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JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Program.

Similar to the structure of TOUCH hours, JEDI hours are where students can go through DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) trainings, discussions, and documentary viewings of different cultural settings, personal identities within a healthcare or community setting, and log hours through Track-It- Forward. With this program ran through Burrell’s SGA, we hope to promote more training in navigating microaggressions, possible prejudice, and socioeconomic barriers seen during our medical journey, so our students are better equipped once they see this in the field. We also hope that this program will help out with our underrepresented student groups by promoting their events so that the student body can be more involved with DEI initiatives as a whole.

General Q&A

  • What is this?
    • A new DEI program Burrell is trying to implement (similar structure to TOUCH)
    • TOUCH is a volunteering tracking system vs. JEDI will be a diversity events tracking system.
    • Examples of JEDI events:
      • DEI trainings
      • DEI discussions
      • Documentary viewings of different cultural settings, personal identities w/in a healthcare or community setting
  • Who will participate?
    • Every class of Burrell will get opportunities to earn JEDI hours if they do an approved JEDI event
    • Anyone can create a JEDI event, once the idea is approved by the student representatives on the Diversity Council: Adam Viegas and Christine Lam
  • How do I know which events are JEDI approved?
    • Look out for future JEDI events on the SGA weekly updates.
    • Clubs can send out emails stating their events are JEDI.
  • Why will students participate?
    • Burrell is piloting this program to be a nationwide COM program: BE A PART OF CHANGE!
    • Play a more active part in learning the humanistic side of medicine. Feel more ready for real world encounters.
    • AWARDS: similar to TOUCH there will be silver and gold recognitions if students participate in 20hrs or 40hrs respectively. The Dean and President will be able to sign off on these awards.
  • How to get started:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kaitlynn Esemaya

JEDI Documents