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Physical Diagnosis Lab

Physical Diagnosis / OMM Lab

Training in clinical skills and physical diagnosis begins in the fall semester of the first academic year with coursework in clinical skills and osteopathic manipulative techniques. The Physical Diagnosis Lab is a learning space where students may engage in a variety of experiential learning and assessment activities that promote and evaluate the development of the clinical skills required of an osteopathic physician. These experiential activities include:

  • training in osteopathic manipulative techniques;
  • hands-on physical examination and interviewing practice;
  • instruction in basic ultrasound techniques, correlated with physical exam skills;
  • competency-based assessments.

The Physical Diagnosis Lab is a single large facility that includes 32 exam tables, where students learn clinical skills and manipulation techniques. Students develop and practice skills in doctor-patient communications, the use of basic medical equipment, auscultation and palpatory skills which can assist with the diagnosis of a patient’s medical condition, and manipulation skills which may be used in treating musculoskeletal dysfunction. A raised dais for instruction, and high-definition monitors and cameras allow students to view from anywhere in the lab space.