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Faculty Promotions

Faculty Promotions

Burrell Resources:

September 11, 2023Dean announces the timeline for the academic yearN/A
October 2, 2023Statement of IntentLetter to Department Chair (on paper and electronically)
October 9, 2023Confirmation of intent from the departments chair to the A & P chair along with the candidate current CV and instructions providedElectronic communication from A&P Chair to the candidate and the department chair.
November 6, 2023Candidate(s) provides a list of 3-5 potential external reviewersShort paragraph of the common relationship by electronic communication to A&P Committee Chair, including names and complete contact information (Name, academic affiliation, physical address, e-mail address, office, and cell telephone numbers)
December 11, 2023Portfolio due to Department ChairOne paper copy in three-ring binders plus electronic version as a single PDF file with bookmarks
January 8, 2024Portfolio due to the A & P committeeOne paper copy in three-ring binders plus electronic version as a single PDF file with bookmarks
January 15, 2024*Portfolio due to the External ReviewersElectronic version as a single PDF file with bookmarks (secure sight for review)
February 19, 2024Portfolio review due to the A & P
Committee from the External Reviewers
March 25, 2024A & P Candidate(s) report due to the Dean 
April 22, 2024Final determination by DeanLetter from the Dean to the candidate(s)
May 6, 2024Appeal (if applicable)Letter to the President (on paper and electronically)
June 10, 2024Final decision by PresidentLetter from President to the candidate
July 1, 2024Promotions granted effectiveN/A

Helpful links and resources for building your portfolio:

IAMSE Medical Science Educator Toolkit

  • Includes worksheets to help faculty evaluate and display excellence across multiple educator domains
  • Provides a sample portfolio and evaluator assessment guide.

UNM Advance: Video

  • In this recorded presentation, University of New Mexico faculty share advice for preparing a promotion and tenure dossier.

The Teaching Portfolio: a Handbook for Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows

  • By Hannelore B. Rodriguez-Farrar
  • A resource to help faculty document their teaching achievements and progress over time
  • Also provides a guide on writing a personal teaching philosophy and CV

Chronicle of Higher Education-How to Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy 

  • by Gabriela A. Montell

Chronicle of Higher Education-4 Steps to a Memorable Teaching Philosophy 

  • by James M. Lang

Ohio State University: Teaching Portfolio

  • Step-by-step resource including documenting teaching responsibilities, writing a teaching statement, selecting sample teaching materials for dossier, and highlighting teaching effectiveness.
  • Includes a helpful reading list on teaching portfolios.

For any questions on the current promotions cycle, please contact the Chair of the Appointment and Promotions Committee, Dr. Scott Cyrus,

For faculty support or questions regarding faculty resources, please contact Faculty Affairs,