Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs, under the direction of the Senior Associate Dean, has oversight of pre-clinical education and clinical education. The Office of Academic Affairs has oversight of OMS I-IV curriculum, displayed below is an outline of the curricular requirements for each year.

Year One

The systems-based courses required in the first year emphasize basic biomedical science, with clinical correlates. Coursework in osteopathic manipulative techniques, clinical practice skills, medical informatics, and ethics are presented concomitantly. (See Figure 1) 

Year Two

OMS II The systems-based courses in the second curricular year emphasize the pathologic and pharmacologic aspects of the biomedical sciences, and provide a foundational education in clinical medicine, disease, and differential diagnosis. (See Figure 2) At the end of Year Two, prior to beginning Year Three, students are required to sit for the COMLEX-USA® Level 1 national board examination.

Year Three

The third curricular year begins with the Introduction to Clinical Rotations course. Students must complete core clerkship rotations in Year Three that include the following clinical experiences: Family Medicine (2 blocks; 8 weeks), Internal Medicine (2 blocks; 8 weeks), Surgery (2 blocks; 8 weeks), Pediatrics (1 block; 4 weeks), Obstetrics and Gynecology (1 block; 4 weeks), and Psychiatry (1 block; 4 weeks). Additionally, students must complete the longitudinal Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine V course. Students have three blocks designated for an elective clinical experience. The actual sequence of clerkship rotations will vary for each student. 

Year Four

OMS IV During Year Four of the curriculum, students must complete a required core clerkship in Emergency Medicine (1 block; 4 weeks), a longitudinal Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine VI course, and a minimum of thirty-two credit hours of elective rotations. Elective rotations may be completed at any location within or outside of the College’s RAC locations. One four-week block may be designated as an Independent Study course to prepare for the COMLEX-USA® Level 2 board exams. All out-of-network rotation experiences must be reviewed, approved, and credentialed by the Office of Clinical Education. Students may participate in one non-clinical elective with the approval of the Office of Clinical Education. The actual rotation sequence will vary for each student.


H. Eduardo Velasco, PhD, MD, MS

Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

MD, Mexico’s National University
MS, Mexico’s School of Public Health
PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Marcy Oxford, PhD

Assistant Dean of Curriculum Effectiveness & Evaluation & Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Medical Education

BS, New Mexico State University
MAEd, New Mexico State University
PhD, New Mexico State University

Charles Metzger, MD

Associate Dean of Clinical Education;
Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine

BS, Texas A&M University
MD, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Michael Woods, PhD

Assistant Dean of Preclinical Education
Associate Professor, Pathology

BS, Texas A&M University
PhD, University of Texas Medical Branch

Norice Lee

Library Director

Kimberly Altamirano

Executive Assistant