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Standard Operating Procedures

Accordion Content

AA.003 Student Academic Related Grievance

AA.004 Request for Grade Review

AA.005 Curriculum Calendars

AA.006 Student Attendance and Attendance Records

AA.007 Determination of Credit Hours

AA.008 Course Grade Reporting Data Transfer

AA.009 Panopto Video Posting

AA.010 Assignment of Faculty Teaching

AA.011 Honors Procedure

AA.012 Collaborative-Examinations

AA.014 Make up of Scored Activities

AA.016 Vetting Questions and ExamSoft Exams

AA.017 Exam Day Reporting

AA.018 Assembling an Exam

AA.019 Delivery of ExamSoft Exam

AA.020 Assignment of Course Directors

AA.021 Record Retention Graded Assessment Tools Archiving

AA.022 Delivery of OSCEs

AA.023 Remote-Testing

AA.024 Course Remediation Procedure Years 1 and 2

AA.025 Post Examination Review Procedures

AA.026 Faculty Office Hours

AA.027 LMS Roles and Responsibilities

AA.028 Course Grade Adjustment Procedure – OMS 1 and OMS 2

Pre-Clinical Education

PCE.013 Course Evaluation Procedure

Clinical Education

CE.001 Business and Finance Travel Expense Reimbursement

CE.002 Student Reimbursements

CE.004 Preceptors: Preceptor Payments

CE.005 RAC Assignments

CE.006 Clinical Rotations: 3rd Year Rotations Schedule

CE.007 Clinical Rotations: Excused Absences


CE.009 Clerkship Grading and Assessment

CE.010 Affiliation Agreements

CE.011 4th Year Rotations: AAMC Implementation Letter

CE.012 4th Year Rotations: Emergency Medicine

CE.013 4th Year Rotations: Elective Rotations

CE.014 4th Year Rotations: VSLO Student Enrollment

CE.016 Clerkship Grading: Honors Designation

CE.018 Course Grade Reporting Years Three and Four

CE.019 Monitoring COCA Requirements During Rotation

ES.002 Scholarship Committee

ES.003 Scholarship Award Process

ES.004 Student Status Review

ES.006 BMS Award Tuition Waiver Awarding Process


ADM.001 Advertising and Promotion for Recruitment

ADM.002 Medical Student Application Screening

ADM.003 Waitlist

ADM.005 Admissions Transference of Records

Admissions Governance Council

AGC.001 Data Review

AGC.002 Selection Committee

AGC.003 Admission Governance Council Meetings

AGC.004 Medical Student Admissions Selections Committee Procedures

Financial Aid

FA.002 Appointment and Re-Appointment for Clinical Adjunct Faculty

FA.004 Professional Judgement

FA.006 COD and CAMS Disbursement

FA.007 Return to Title IV Process

FA.008 Enrollment Reporting

FA.009 Consent for Electronic Business

FA.010 Satisfactory Academic Progress

FA.011 Federal Direct Loan Reconciliation

FA.012 EdConnect MPN Messages

FA.013 SAP Processing

FA.014 Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits

FA.015 Award Letter Processing



RR.002 Leave of Absence

RR.003 Leave of Absence for Advanced Study

RR.004 Voluntary Withdrawal

RR.005 Transcript Requests

RR.006 Audited Courses

RR.007 College Seal

RR.008 COMLEX USA Eligibility Status

RR.009 USMLE Eligibility Status

RR.010 Posting of Grades

RR.011 Degree Audit

RR.012 AMP to SIS Export Import & Seat Deposit Tracking

RR.013 Enrollment Agreement

RR.014 Name Change

RR.016 Academic Disciplinary Suspension

RR.017 Credit Hour Determination

RR.018 Administrative Withdrawal

RR.019 Petition for Registration Change

RR.020 Graduation Checkout

RR.021 Records Review

RR.022 Incomplete Grades

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