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Board Preparation

Passage of the osteopathic medical licensing (board) exams, the COMLEX USA Level 1 and Level 2CE (Cognitive Evaluation), are required for graduation from Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. The College’s academic curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter the practice of osteopathic medicine, and to complete the requirements of entering medical residency training. In addition to curricular content and instruction, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine provides supplementary resources for students to use to enhance their ability to perform on the COMLEX exams. The resources provided by the College include:

  • the use of board style questions in instruction, discussion, formative assessments, and/or course examinations to familiarize and assist students in understanding how to approach the type of questions they will experience on their medical licensing (board) exams;
  • the Kaplan Medical Education Integrated Plan, which includes approximately 50 instructional/review videos, interactive learning activities, a bank of board-style questions, and practice board exams for use in study and preparing for their medical board. This resource is supportive of both the COMLEX USA Level 1, and the USMLE Step 1, exams taken by many osteopathic medical students, and is available for students in their first and second curricular years;
  • the COMBank TrueLearn SmartBank Plan, which provides students osteopathic medicine-focused board preparation through the use of practice exams, a bank of study questions mapped to COMLEX exam topics, and supporting materials to aid in topical study and clarification of concepts. This resource is supportive of both the COMLEX USA Level 1 and Level 2 exams, and is available for students in their second and third curricular years;
  • a series of faculty-provided seminars on board study, board preparation, exam-taking skills, and case-based/question-based discussions on how physicians approach clinical problems. These seminars are designed to enhance students’ development of cognitive and reasoning skills essential in medical practice, and are recorded and posted for students’ access.