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Get to Know BCOM Student Tad Sugiyama

Tad Sugiyama

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Why BCOM?: I chose BCOM because of my interview at the school. It just seemed like a very inviting atmosphere with some very chill people.

Future Goals: My wife and I would like to go back to her hometown of Loomis which is in Northern California and work there as a physician. I am not sure what I want to do yet but that is where we plan to go.

Hobbies and Interests: I love sports and play those as often as I can. I also love music and play the trumpet, violin, and a little guitar. Those are the main hobbies that keep me sane during the stressful times in medical school.

Surprising Fact: Right after I graduated from Brigham Young University, my friends and I put together a jazz band called Table 9. We played together for a couple of years at different restaurants, weddings, and clubs. I played the trumpet and sang a little too. It was a blast.