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Get to Know BCOM Student John Rajala

Photo by Alex Lam

John Rajala

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Why BCOM?: It was clear from the beginning that BCOM was going to be different than any other medical school. I knew I wanted to be at a program whose mission was aligned with reaching underserved populations, but a lot of BCOM’s draw was the opportunity to innovate. As the first class, we get the opportunity to set the standard. I liked that idea.

Future Goals: I’m currently interested in obstetrics and would love to have my own practice one day. My mind could completely change once we get on rotations though, so I’m excited to see what else is out there.

Hobbies and Interests: I’m active in the Student Osteopathic Medical Association. This organization provides a way for medical students to get active in healthcare policy and that’s something I care a great deal about.

Surprising Fact: My original career goal was to be an animator with Disney. I got into animation school, but life took me a different direction. I make it a point to draw regularly, and I’m not taking Disney off the table just yet.