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Dr. Michael Morehead Contributes to Education Textbook

Michael Morehead, Ed.D., BCOM’s associate dean for administration, learning, evaluation and outcomes, is a contributing author to the recently released textbook Mentoring Student Teachers and Interns: Strategies for Engaging, Relating, Supporting, and Challenging Future Educators.

Other contributors to the book are Larry Lyman, Harvey Foyle, Sara Schwerdtfeger, and Allyson Lyman.

Dr. Morehead, a former secondary school teacher and administrator, is also a dean emeritus at New Mexico State University. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, he holds a bachelor’s in education, a master’s in educational administration, and a doctorate in educational administration from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Prior to joining the NMSU College of Education in 1992, he worked in administrative roles at Northern Arizona University and Emporia State University. He has been an educator since 1971, including teaching at the middle- and high-school level and serving as an administrator in secondary schools.

In the area of teacher education, Dr. Morehead has assisted in creating a more field-based teacher education program where students increase their time in classrooms prior to graduation. He has also led the college in developing more business partnerships and in expanding collaboration with community agencies that provide services to children and families. During his tenure as an educator, Dr. Morehead consistently seeks collaborative and innovative strategies to meet the needs of the communities he serves.

Amongst other topics, Mentoring Student Teachers and Interns touches on assessment and accountability in student teaching programs, strategies for succeeding in diverse classrooms, and the role of principals, mentors, and supervisors.

Marcus D. Childress, dean of the Department of Education at Baker University calls this book, “A must-have guide for clinical supervisors, both old and new.”