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MCAT Prep Course Graduates Score High

The students who participated in Dr. Samuel Kadavakollu’s community MCAT Prep Course in the spring of 2017 say he made the material relatable and showed them different ways to study beyond just memorizing content from a book.

Turns out, his methods are extremely effective. Based on their pre-course practice tests, Dr. K., as he as affectionately known around campus, said students improved their scores on average by 30 percent. “The MCAT is a seven hour, 33 minutes test and getting 500 is good score,” explained Dr. K. “Nine out of 40 students from our community prep course scored 500 or higher.”

Emma Robertson, one of Dr. K’s students, recently scored in the 80th percentile. She said, “Without this course, I would not have attained such a score. From lectures to practice tests, Dr. K. gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. I was impressed by how he genuinely cares for his students.”

Michael Delahoussaye gives credit to Dr. K., and guest lecturers like WNMU’s Dr. Jeffery Hill, with helping him achieve an astounding score of 521 (out of a possible 528), putting him in the 98th percentile. Samuel Bayliss, who scored in the 89th percentile, summed it up best in a message he wrote to Dr. K after receiving his scores: “I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help me prepare for this exam. You have been an integral part in helping me achieve my medical aspirations.”

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