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BCOM Student Cuts Hair, Raises $3,000 for Good Causes

Written by Avery Neal

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped support the Dunzo Bunzo event. Whether this was donating money, prizes, or likes/shares of an Instagram photo, your efforts really helped make the event truly a success.

The final total for the event finished at $3,000!! This will be split between the New Mexico Roadrunner Food Bank and Children With Hair Loss, who will also receive the hair that was cut.

I would like to especially thank Austin’s Jeweler’s, Will Dowler, Tom Smith, Amy Neal, Dr. Selinfreund, Starbucks’ (Lohman) management, Sonic’s (Valley) management, Chili’s (Lohman) management, Dions’ (El Paseo) management, Jason’s Deli’s (Lohman) management, and a couple anonymous donors for their donations that allowed me to make this fundraiser a raffle.

It was never my intention to ever have a man bun. In fact, at one point, I said that I would never let it get to the point where I had to wear it anywhere other than on the soccer field. However, that all changed when a very good friend’s fiance made a comment about wanting the groomsmen to have man buns at their wedding. I saw it as a challenge and decided that I could keep from cutting my hair for nine months more.

Well wedding day came, I kept my promise, and had the bun at the wedding. After though it seemed like a waste to just cut the bun off. That’s when I had the idea to keep growing out my hair so I could donate it because why not? So all first year, I kept the bun and by the time summer came, I was ready to finally cut it and donate what was there.

Then, Jessica Jacob came along and made the comment about doing a raffle to cut the bun. I liked the idea and kept the hair throughout the summer and the first semester of second year.

The event was exciting for me. First, because I didn’t think I’d be able to raise so much. It was truly beautiful and inspiring to see the generous, giving nature of those I’m surrounded by. Second, this was the first time I had ever done anything like this. I learned so much about how to put together a fundraiser and wish I had not procrastinated so much and put this together earlier. Third, it opened up possibilities for future fundraisers that I would like to do. If anyone is willing to donate their hair in the future, I’d love to make this an annual thing.

Again, thank you to everyone again for your support!

Avery Neal