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BCOM to Send Representative to AAO 2018 Convocation

BCOM medical students Mahmoud Alnsour, Brigette Grewe, Corey Yeates, Megan Sofka, and Emily Hanka, who recently competed in the local A. Hollis Wolf Competition

Under the guidance of Associate Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Adrienne Kania, DO, BCOM recently held a local A. Hollis Wolf Competition to determine who will advance on to present at the American Academy of Osteopathy’s 2018 Convocation. Three students from the class of 2020 and two from the class of 2021 presented their OMM-related projects in early February, and medical student Corey Yeates was selected to represent BCOM at the AAO Convocation in Dallas in late March.

According to the AAO’s website, “The AAO’s 2018 Convocation will be dedicated to highlighting the work and teachings of the mentors in the osteopathic profession. Many of us have either worked with or have been influenced by the mentors and pioneers in our profession. The 2018 Convocation’s lecturers will present the work of the mentors in osteopathic manipulative medicine and related topics that will have applications to the attendees’ medical practice today.”

The student participants were required to create a case presentation based on a patient they have treated with OMM techniques. In just five minutes, the students must cover the anatomical, physiological, and osteopathic principles of the case. Presentations covered a range of ailments including headaches, sinus issues, respiratory infections, and shoulder pain. “It was more difficult than I expected to condense all that information into such a short amount of time and to deliver it in a way that everyone can truly understand all the details that went into the case,” Yeates said of her Migraine-related project, entitled “It’s All in Your Head.”

Yeates, a native of Canton, Mississippi, said her own athletic injuries prompted her interest in both medicine and specifically OMM. She plans to pursue as her specialty nueromusculoskeletal medicine (NMM) with an emphasis in OMM. “OMM is my favorite subject,” she said. “I like performing the manipulations with my hands and knowing that I can actually explain what I’m doing through anatomy and physiology; it’s not just guesswork.”

The American Academy of Osteopathy 2018 Convocation is scheduled for March 21-25, 2018 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit: