BCOM White Coat Ceremony Goes Global!

The live stream of BCOM’s latest White Coat Ceremony, held in August in honor of the class of 2022, was viewed by 209 live viewers and has had an astounding 2,231 views overall in the past month.

The annual ceremony, during which the new medical students receive their white coat and are officially welcomed in to the medical community, is a popular event for the students’ family and friends to attend. As President John L. Hummer made note of in his welcome speech, acceptance into medical school often isn’t possible without the support and sacrifices of those loved ones. In an effort to allow anyone unable to attend the ceremony to join in on the special moment, BCOM live broadcasts the ceremony. The new class of medical students even waved at the simulcast cameras to welcome those watching from afar into the event.

This year’s White Coat Ceremony was watched predominately in the United States, but according to statistics tracked by YouTube, loved ones in 12 other countries also tuned in. They are listed here in order of the number of views:

United States
United Kingdom

A big thank you goes out to BCOM’s IT Department for making this live simulcast possible!

To watch the video visit: youtube.com/watch?v=mnt3g2jo3Pg&t=3533s