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Need Assistance with the Residency Process?

Medical students who need assistance with career advising or the residency process can visit BCOM’s career counselor Michelle Devora, M.Ed. Devora was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and she is a two-time graduate of UTEP. She received her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Secondary Education in 2010 and went on to obtain her Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling in 2015. While still in graduate school, she took a full-time position at UTEP as a program advisor for students who wanted to become teachers. In July 2018, she decided to embark on a new opportunity by joining the staff at BCOM. When she’s not working, Devora enjoys spending time with her family and participating in CrossFit.

“My main role here at BCOM is to assist students with the residency process,” Devora explained. “Targeting the first year students is crucial to ensure they get a residency match in year four. I have seven years of career advising experience, and I’ve learned that motivation is a fundamental key to success. My focus at this moment has been learning every possible strategy that students should know on how to become highly competitive for their specialty of interest.”

Devora is available to help students with access and navigation of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) “Careers in Medicine” website and with deciphering the requirements for individual medical specialties. She also assists with Curriculum Vitae (CV) preparation, reads personal statements, and provides guidance regarding any residency related documentation. She recommends that medical students start as early as possible on building their CV and creating a strong and competitive portfolio.

She said, “From a career counselor’s perspective, when a student succeeds in his/her goals, and knowing that you had a role in that success makes for a great, personal accomplishment in this profession.”

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