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Gabor Szalai, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs;
Professor of Biomedical Sciences


Medical University of South Carolina
Postdoctoral Fellow
Field of Study: genetics, cancer

University of South Carolina
Postdoctoral Fellow
Field of Study: genetics, metabolism

Technical University of Budapest
Field of Study: immunogenetics

Technical University of Budapest
Field of Study: biological engineering

Technical University of Budapest
Field of Study: chemical engineering

Research Interests

  • Effect of Lymphatic Pump Techniques (LPTs) on the pathogenesis of skin inflammation. In our research we have used the mouse model of psoriasis in connection with LTPs. The preliminary data shows increased angiogenesis and we are in the process to uncover the molecular basis of this phenomenon.
  • Hallmark of breast cancer cells that metastasize to the brain. We have developed a breast cancer derived cell line that metastasizes to the brain in a mouse model. The preliminary data shows that epigenetic modification is a key process.

Professional Accomplishments & Memberships

Professional Accomplishments

2015: Habilitation in veterinary science, St. Steven University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hungary

2006-2015: Total Research Funding $ 3 161 678, sources: NSF, NIH and intramural sources

2011-2018: Grant review panel member for US, Austrian and Georgian National Science Foundations

2006: US patent entitled “Topoisomerase linker-mediated amplification methods”, number: 7078501

2001: Invention commercialized by Invitrogen Corp., marketed as “TOPO Walker Kit”


International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society (2008-2010)

International Society of Animal Genetics (1990-1995)

General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1996-present)

Hungarian Chemist Society (1996-present)

Selected Publications

  1. Szántó-Egész, R.; Jánosi, A.; Mohr, A.; Szalai, G.; Szabó, E. Koppányné; Micsinai, A.; Sipos, R.; Rátky, J.; Anton, I.; Zsolnai, A.: Breed-Specific Detection of Mangalica Meat in Food Products. Food Analytical Methods 9(4): 889–894, 2016
  2. Wiedmeyer CE, Crossland JP,Veres M, Dewey MJ, Felder MR, Barlow SC, Vrana PB, Szalai G: Comparative Hematological and Serum Biochemical Values among Peromyscus Species and Their Hybrids. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci, 53(4):336-43, 2014.
  3. Crossland JP, Dewey MJ, Barlow SC, Vrana PB, Felder MR and Szalai G: Caring for Peromyscus spp. in research environments. Lab Animal 43(5): 162-166, 2014.
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  5. Vrana PB, Shorter KR, Szalai G, Felder MR, Crossland JP, Veres M, Allen JE, Wiley CD, Duselis AR, Dewey MJ, Dawson WD.: Peromyscus (deer mice) as developmental models. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol. 3(3):211-30, 2014.
  6. Tucsek Z, Toth P, Sosnowska D, Gautam T, Mitschelen M, Koller A, Szalai G, Sonntag WE, Ungvari Z, and Csiszar A.:Obesity in Aging Exacerbates Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption, Neuroinflammation, and Oxidative Stress in the Mouse Hippocampus: Effects on Expression of Genes Involved in Beta-Amyloid Generation and Alzheimer’s Disease. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 69(10):1212-26, 2014.
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  11. Findlay VJ, Turner DP, Yordy JS, McCarragher B, Shriver MR, Szalai G, Watson PM, Larue AC, Moussa O, Watson DK: Prostate-Derived ETS Factor Regulates Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition through Both SLUG-Dependent and Independent Mechanisms. Genes & Cancer 2(2):120-9, 2011.
  12. Yang G, Veres M, Szalai G, Zhang A, Xu LX and He X.: Biotransport Phenomena in Freezing Mammalian Oocytes. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 39(1):580-91, 2011.
  13. Asano Y, Stawski L, Hant F, Highland K, Silver R, Szalai G, Watson DK, Trojanowska M.: Endothelial Fli1 deficiency impairs vascular homeostasis: a role in scleroderma vasculopathy. American Journal of Pathology. 176(4):1983-98, 2010.
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