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Burrell Welcomes Students To Space Coast Regional Academic Center

Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine welcomes 21 third-year students to the Space Coast Regional Academic Center (RAC). Situated in the scenic Space Coast area of Florida, we offer a distinctive learning experience that blends traditional medical education with innovative approaches.

“We are proud to help pioneer a new chapter in medical education with the launch of our medical school campus located at and under an affiliation agreement with the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida’s STEM University™,” said John Hummer, President of Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. “This innovative endeavor reflects our unwavering commitment to shaping forward-looking physicians who can excel in any environment. The Space Coast RAC represents a fusion of cutting-edge learning and traditional medical principles, preparing our students to become adaptable, compassionate, and highly skilled healthcare leaders.”

For more information on our RACs please go here:  Burrell College Regional Academic Centers

Caption:  In the picture you have 21 third-year students with Dr. Amit Sharma Regional Assistant Dean, Morgan RAC Coordinator, Dr. Newman Florida Campus Dean and Dr. Lee Scheinbart, Chief Health Affairs Officer. They were welcoming 3rd year students into the Space Coast RAC for Hospital Orientations for Clerkship Rotations. 

Quick Facts

  • Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine Florida Campus (Opening Fall 2024).
  • 21 third-year and 20 fourth-year students in Florida for clinical rotations.
  • 20 graduates are in Florida GME training programs.
  • 15 clinical affiliations in Space Coast FL (hospitals and clinics) and growing.
  • More than 100 appointed Space Coast, FL Clinical Teaching Faculty.