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Tombaugh 4th Graders Visit BCOM

A group of about 1oo fourth graders from Tombaugh Elementary School spent an afternoon at BCOM where they got a true taste of what it takes to be a medical student. The visit was organized by BCOM Educational Specialist Christa Vaudrey who prior to coming to BCOM served as the principal at Tombaugh Elementary, as well as several other local schools. The afternoon included a tour of the facility and an intro session that gave the young students insight on what it takes to get into and be successful in medical school.

The elementary students also got the chance to visit hands-on learning stations led by BCOM student volunteers. They learned the basics behind Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in the OMM lab, saw the digital anatomy tables in action, and then headed to the patio where they got to practice CPR techniques and chest compressions on the manikins. Sam Gutierrez also showed them the ins and outs of the hi-tech simulation lab.

Vaudrey said this is just one of many community outreach projects in the works via the Student Affairs Department and added that the BCOM student organizations have also organized their own visits with local youth from kindergarten all the way through high school.