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BCOM Halloween Costume Contest

BCOM Student Ryan Reinken dressed as masked hypertension

BCOM Students Mikhail De Jesus, Alex Lam, Andrew Ortega, Rory Siegal, and Mohan Muvvala dressed as RompHimDudes

BCOM Student Rachael Redlo dressed as Fabulous Skeleton

BCOM Student Wesley Goodrich as Batman

BCOM Student Neil Bobenhouse dressed as IgE

BCOM Students Megan Miranda and Ali Palacios dressed as CatDog

BCOM Students Fadi Rizk and Mario Soliman dressed as Mario and Luigi

BCOM Student Lauren Mcmartin dressed as a Witch

BCOM Student Giselle Irio dressed as Modern Snow White

Dr. Kadavakollu, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Biomedical Sciences, dressed as a Vampire

BCOM Student Cameron Groissant dressed as a Wolf

BCOM Student Brigitte Grewe dressed as Copy Cat

Ben Matkin, BCOM’s Multispecialty Clinic Manager, dressed as Fiesta Bear

BCOM Students Avery Neal, Max Silva, and Tom Smith dressed as BCOM Faculty Dr. Benoit, Dr. Rodenbaugh and Dr. Osbourne

Dr. Scott Cyrus, Associate Professor and Founding Chief, Division of Pediatrics at BCOM dressed as a Kangaroo.

BCOM Student Robyn Marks dressed as Operation.

BCOM Student Michael Davis dressed as Superman. BCOM student Megan McCord dressed as Minnie Mouse

Mario Soliman, Fred Shleen Jr., Giselle Irio, Megan Miranda and Ali Palacios.

Dr. Tim Shipley, Assistant Professor of Immunology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, dressed as a Zombie.