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The BCOMpliments Board

How does the BCOMpliments board work?

  • Grab a pen and write the name of a fellow student or faculty on one of the compliment cards on the board. It does not have to be anonymous, you chose whether or not you want to conceal your identity.
  • If you see your name on one of the compliment cards, please feel free to take that card home with you, but please leave our pushpins on the board.
  • When you take one card home with you, make sure to leave a compliment for someone else on our campus (faculty or student). As a matter of fact, write a compliment for someone who would least expect it from you, maybe someone you’ve only talked to a handful of times.
  • Take the time to shine the light on fellow students and faculty on our campus for their skills, hard work, dedication, nice teeth, etc, etc!
  • Please be professional with the compliments you leave on the board, as the policies and guidelines on professionalism, outlined in the student handbook, still stand. Feel free to access the student handbook by clicking here.

Why do we have this compliments board, you ask?

  • Interestingly, research shows that expressing your gratitude towards someone else, will make you a happier person. I HIGHLY suggest watching the following YouTube video:

Therefore, I challenge every student and faculty member on our BCOM campus to think of what your next compliment is going to be! Whether it is through the use of our BCOMpliments board or through good old-fashioned verbal communication, try and compliment ONE new person on campus at least once a week! 🙂


Antony Awad, M.S.
SGA Executive Board Vice President