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Class of 2026 Honor Code

As members of the Class of 2026 at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM), we do hereby affirm and acknowledge the following as our official Code of Honor:


Individuality & Growth Mindset:

  • I will hold true and remember my “why” of medicine, why I am here, and why I chose this path.
  • I strive for lifelong learning and growth and seek progress over perfection.
  • I will seek to embrace all knowledge obtained with optimism to both (1) understand the backgrounds of the people I encounter and (2) work diligently to maintain my knowledge as medicine grows and evolves in order to provide the best care to patients.
  • I accept responsibility for my actions and seek to demonstrate real change whenever I am in a position to grow.
  • I accept reprimand with dignity, criticism with grace, and spite with forbearance.


  • I will take responsibility for my own educational pursuits while exhausting all available resources to best address course material and any academic or personal concerns.
  • I seek to maintain a balance of my mind, body, and spirit by ensuring that no aspect of my health and wellness goes ignored. I will foster healthy habits and self-control, as I hope to someday be an example for my patients.
  • I will recognize my own limits and will seek out help as needed as I can only help others when I am properly functioning. (Resources found on BCOM ID)

Academic Integrity: 

  • I will respect intellectual property and maintain authenticity in my own work and will prevent/report academic dishonesty.
  • I will protect the confidentiality of educational materials presented to me, including but not limited to lecture content and examination questions.


  • I will respect BCOM’s faculty and staff and will strive to openly communicate with faculty members with respect and understanding.
  • I do not defame the character of my peers, faculty, or staff through word or action.
  • I respect the decisions, boundaries, and privacy of my peers.
  • To the best of my ability, I will strive to provide aid and assistance to my peers, working to build each other up in order to succeed as a whole.
  • I will maintain a sense of professionalism and treat others with kindness and respect.
    • I recognize the way I treat others will translate into my interactions with patients, colleagues, and all peoples. I understand that my demeanor is a reflection of myself, my school, and my profession.
    • I will respect others by intentionally not engaging in acts of discrimination including but not limited to: gender, sexual identity, age, race/ethnicity, religion, disability, political beliefs, socioeconomic status, or national origin.
  • I will abide by Title IX Guidelines regarding discrimination and sexual misconduct at all times.


  • Advocacy should be protected among the class members with the mutual understanding that we all have different experiences and backgrounds. I will maintain an empathetic posture towards the beliefs of my classmates and respect their right to advocate for such beliefs.
  • I understand that cultural, religious, political, and other differences exist and may result in disagreements and mutual agreement may not be possible.


  • I will abide by the expectations of the institutions where I work and learn.
  • I reject those standards which create unfair or discriminatory barriers to participation in the greater community of medicine.
  • I accept the perception that comes with being a physician both in person and online and remember that my actions reflect on my profession. I will remain mindful of content I choose to share in private and public forums and on social media platforms.
  • I understand that I am a student doctor with limited experience, knowledge, and skill, and will ask for assistance whenever necessary and not represent myself other than such.

Good Citizenship: 

  • I commit to serving my community to the best of my knowledge and ability.
  • I will engage in moral and ethical behavior and in doing so will make my best effort to follow all applicable laws and regulations wherever I may find myself while enrolled at BCOM or anytime thereafter.
  • I will be a role model and steward for the preservation and promotion of health and wellness on campus, in Las Cruces, in New Mexico, and globally.

Student Honor Code Acknowledgment

Under this honor code, I commit to creating & embracing a culture of respect, collaboration, equity, and empathy by utilizing any and all resources at my disposal. This will be in order to best foster cultural humility towards my peers, future patients, and all others.

By committing to ourselves, our class, and our community, the aforementioned principles and values (in accordance with BCOM policies and proceduresStudent Handbook policies, HIPPA GuidelinesCourse Catalog policies, Title IX, and the AOA Code of Ethics) are what we deem to best align ourselves with Burrell’s mission “Para la gente y el futuro”.