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Class of 2027 Honor Code

  1. Etiquette
    1. I will be courteous of study spaces and quiet areas, and respect the terms and conditions outlined in Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine’s room reservation guidelines.
    2. Lecture hall etiquette
      1. I will limit discussion while questions are being asked
      2. I will use microphones when asking questions/making comments during lecture
      3. I will keep conversation professional and courteous
    3. Library/main campus study spaces
      1. I will be mindful of my surroundings and keep my noise level courteous
    4. Test-taking day
      1. I will be mindful of my noise level in common areas while exams are in progress. I will remember that although I am not taking an exam, others may be if the “Exam in Progress” signs are posted in the hallway.
  1. Professionalism
    1. I will maintain a level of professionalism as outlined in the student handbook.
    2. HIPAA
      1. I will protect any patient information that may be presented to me during my time at Burrell COM.
    3. Social Media
      1. I will remember that my social media is a representation of the school outside campus grounds; I will reflect before posting.
      2. I will remember to honor the privacy of my peers and their requests when posting photos and videos online.
    4. Integrity
      1. I will represent Burrell COM and the Medical Community to the best of my ability by maintaining moral and ethical standards.
  1. Respect/Courtesy
    1. I will uphold Title IX expectations.
    2. I will remember that my cohort comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences and we may have different strengths and weaknesses. I recognize this is an asset and will respect my peers and meet them where they are at.
    3. I will strive to contribute to a collaborative environment in which myself and my peers can thrive.
    4. I will contribute to the safety of campus and of my peers as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  1. Advocacy & Self Efficacy
    1. I will look out for my peers and actively strive to contribute to an environment in which we can all feel safe, respected, and seen.
      1. “See Something Say Something” – I will refer peers to campus resources when I recognize they may need it.
    2. I will remember that becoming a good physician starts with taking care of myself.
We are all here to learn how to be our best selves and contribute to society in a meaningful way. I will work to recognize the needs of my peers and strive to be a steward of the culture outlined in this Honor Code.

Student Honor Code Acknowledgment

I have reviewed the Class of 2027 Student Honor Code (“Code”). I understand that I am responsible for adhering to the expectations specified in the Code.

With my signature below, I confirm that I have read and understand all the information contained in the Code and that I agree to abide by all guidelines listed therein. I further confirm with my signature that I understand the consequences and action(s) that may be taken as a result of violating the Code.