Financial Aid Manual

FAM Website Index

  1. FAM Mission and Philosophy
  2. FAM Financial Aid Employee NASFAA Code Of Conduct
  3. FAM FERPA and Non Discrimination Policy and Statement
  4. FAM Students Rights and Responsibilities
  5. FAM Tuition and Cost of Attendance
  6. FAM Loan Information
  7. FAM Other Financial Resources, Scholarships
  8. FAM How to Apply for Federal Funding
  9. FAM Budget and Professional Adjustments
  10. FAM Financial Education
  11. FAM Student to Doctor Debt Management
  12. FAM Student Consumer Information
  13. FAM Defining Disbursement and Credit Balances
  14. FAM Student Identity Theft
  15. FAM Contact, Withdrawal and Refund Information

Marlene Melendez

Director of Financial Aid: