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Alumni Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Carlos Yeelot, DO

  1. McLaren Macomb Hospital ; Emergency Medicine ; Mount Clemens, MI
  2. Personal email
  3. Be open about all specialties. Identify the one you love early (the sooner, the better). Pursue the specialty that makes you happy. Don’t chase the common trends or the money. It’s best to find something you want to wake up every day happy to go to. If you are in pre-clinical years and already know about which field you want to pursue join an organization geared towards that specialty. Find a mentor (current resident or attending) in the field. If unsure of specialty, expose yourself as much as you can. Reach out to BCOM alumni with questions regarding their specialty of choice and ask about everyday work, lifestyle etc. Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, personality, likes/dislikes, talents, and flaws: not everyone is meant for a specific specialty; you know yourself best. Regarding EM: as of now, take both USMLE and COMLEX. When setting up 3rd-year electives, get more exposure to the field of emergency medicine to best prepare for your future auditions. Set up your audition rotations for the 4th year early during your 3rd year. Identify in what practice setting you see yourself: academic vs community vs rural emergency medicine. If you are unsure about academic vs community medicine, try to set up an audition at a community hospital and one at a university hospital. Work hard during every rotation, not just those geared toward your specialty. For EM- the SLOE is the greatest determinant of your opportunity to match into the field. Character, determination, hard work, persistence, being a team player > than any board score. Crush your addition rotations. Read something about EM every day. Apply early to residency. Identify what is important for you in a program: geography, family, lifestyle, city, people, type of hospital etc. There are many more recommendations! Feel free to reach out any time. Happy to help!