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Alumni Specialties: Ophthalmology

Harris Ahmed, DO

  1. Loma Linda University, Ophthalmology, Loma Linda, CA
  2. @drharrislakers on Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Network through social media, apps like Clubhouse, and programs like MDconnect.
    • Network by attending grand rounds at the local ophthalmology department
    • Shadow local ophthalmologists by reaching out to their office, calling them, showing up to the clinic
    • Follow and link up with Dr. Rob Melendez on Instagram; based out of ABQ, he takes students for shadowing. Mention me by name. @rob_melendez
    • Try to rotate at the M&M Eye Institute in Prescott, Arizona with Dr. Scott Markham DO and Dr. Mortenson MDM& M Eye Institute | Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley, AZ ( Mention me by name.
    • Submit posters and papers to AOCOO-HNS mid year and annual conferences, attend the conferences to network.
    • Be top 10% of your class and aim for a 255-260 on USMLE Step 2 CK, if you score lower, you can and will still match but just have to network harder
    • do the maximum amount of away rotations possible, a mix of 2-4 week rotations, reach out to programs in and outside of VSAS to secure aways. Be aggressive
    • DO bias is perpetuated by DOs more than anyone; no one really cares. Don’t self select yourself out of anywhere, even places you think or have past history of “DO Bias”.
    • “Enjoy the process, the process is the dream” – Kobe Bryant, the GOAT- don’t worry about not knowing how to use the slit lamp, tools, etc. No one really knows.
    • You won’t impress many with knowledge but will with personality. Use situational awareness, be talkative when appropriate, be quiet when appropriate.
    • Ophthobook website by Tim Root is sufficient to review for baseline knowledge