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Alumni Specialties: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rory Siegel, DO

  1. Transitional Year, University of Kentucky – Bowling Green, Bowling Green, KY
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Centre, NY
  3. If you are interested in PM&R, it is becoming very competitive, so it is best to really make sure you are driven for a profession in the field. Any shadowing and/or rotation experience is very beneficial. Also, try to make it to as many conferences as you can throughout medical school as this will help you make connections and get your name out. About 2/3 of the PMR residencies are advanced programs, meaning that you will need to additionally apply to an intern year elsewhere during the match. It makes the process a little more difficult, but it always helps to be more prepared. Overall points in going forward to best help your chances to secure a PMR residency spot would be solid board scores, attending conferences, a rotation within PM&R (not just spine injections, but inpatient rehab too), and a drive to become a physiatrist (that you can have reflected in your personal statement, experience in the field, etc.).