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Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the program requirements/expectations?

  • Burrell College applicants must be in good academic standing.
  • Participants must complete the full duration of the program.
  • Participants must attend Orientation Day, all workshop sessions, and present their work at Medical Student Research Day.

What is the process of applying for the Summer Research Experience?

  • Burrell College faculty interested in serving as mentors submit their projects for students to choose from. Students interested in participating must fill out an online application through the “How to Apply” link and choose up to 3 of their favorite projects.  Faculty are notified of the students that chose their project(s) and will submit their own preferences.  Program applicants are then matched with projects using a combination of the rankings provided by the applicants, faculty preferences, and the details of the research interests outlined within the application.

What is the time commitment for the Summer Research Experience?

  • The Medical Student Summer Research Experience is a 6-week long program. It begins the week after the spring session ends in May with Orientation Day, and ends a week prior to the beginning of the Fall semester. Participants are also required to participate in the Burrell College Medical Student Research Day that will be scheduled during the Fall semester.

What is the typical workload and what is expected of me?

  • Although, the workload and expectations will vary from project-to-project, and can vary from week-to-week for any given project, participants are not expected to work more than 40-hours per week. Furthermore, participants are expected to attend Orientation Day, all workshop sessions, complete the full duration of the program, and present their work at Medical Student Research Day.

Do I get paid as a participant?

  • Currently this program does not provide a stipend. The AOA Research Grants Training program provides funding opportunities for students working under faculty on existing research studies. Other opportunities may exists through other funding entities.   All grants must be submitted through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.   Contact our office for assistance.

I am a first year medical student, am I eligible for the summer program?

  • Yes, all Burrell College students in their first year of study and in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Students must successfully complete the first year to participate in the program.

Can students change their project preferences after being accepted into the program?

  • Students are generally not allowed to switch projects after the match occurs, unless extreme circumstances justify a request.

Is it a possibility that I do not get placed in my top choice project, or not get placed at all?

  • Placement in the program is linked to the number of faculty projects submitted. Although we try to accommodate student preferences, there will be instances where students do not receive their choice. Our goal is to offer research opportunities to as many students as possible.

When are students notified of acceptance into the program?

  • Decision letters will be sent out to all applicants in March.