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Non-Clinical Research Elective

Non-Clinical Research Elective


Medical Students wishing to conduct supervised research during the course of their medical school training may do so for elective credit by enrolling in a Non-Clinical Research Elective Rotation. These are supervised research experiences and must be conducted under the direction of a Burrell College faculty member or preceptor, or an approved off-campus faculty mentor.


During a research elective, the student is expected to fully engage in a mentored research environment and participate in the conduction of research. The mentor is expected to provide an environment and resources that support the success of the student and the project.

Successful completion of the rotation requires:

  • Development of a research question;
  • Data analysis and interpretation;
  • Submission of a final project report

How To Apply

To apply for a Non-Clinical Research Elective Rotation, students must submit their completed Research Elective Rotation Application form to the Office of Clinical Education.  Please contact The Office of Clinical Education at, or visit their website for further information.