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Training Requirements & Information

Training Requirements & Information

Training Requirements

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) promotes a culture of safety at Burrell College. ORSP provides research-related health and safety training courses that help those conducting research at Burrell to comply with internal and external sponsor requirements and reduce risk to the researcher. We offer online and in-person trainings and provide guides to help research participants identify classes appropriate for their work.

All research participants must complete required trainings prior to beginning any research at Burrell.

Principal Investigator/Project Director must ensure that all research participants receive general and job-specific training prior to initial or new job assignments. In addition, training is required:

  • whenever new substances, processes, procedures or equipment are introduced to the workplace which may create new hazards.
  • when new or previously unrecognized hazards are introduced into the work environment or brought to a supervisor’s attention.
  • when a researcher cannot demonstrate adequate understanding of the safety requirements of a task.

Training Documentation and Records

Principal Investigators (PI) will ensure that all researchers under their supervision have received the appropriate training necessary to participate in the research. The PI will assist students in determining the required training and will maintain Certificate of Completion copies for all researchers under their supervision. Copies shall be retained for the duration of the researcher’s time at the institution + 3 years from separation from the institution.

Investigators working in the BioScience Research Laboratory (BSRL) must complete the requisite trainings prior to requesting access to the BSRL

Training Course Descriptions

Training Course Descriptions

CITI (Online) Training

Online courses are completed through CITI Program training.

  • Log in to CITI to add and complete the appropriate courses. Students must provide their research PI with a completion certificate for each course completed.
  • For more information on using CITI Program, visit CITI’s Guide to Getting Started

Instructor-Led (In-Person) Training

ORSP offers the following in-person training courses:

  • Laboratory Standard & Hazard Communication – for more information and to register see the “Laboratory Standard & Hazard Communication Training” section of the Burrell College Research Laboratories Training & Safety web page.
  • Research Labs General Procedures and SWRPC Site Rules – These in-person training will be completed at the time of badge pick-up.

Find Your Courses

Use the Training Course Selection Guide to identify required training